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RAW Cambodian Natural Wave 3 Bundle Deals

Go Big!!!!! Are you looking for more fuller more voluminous hair?

Our RAW Cambodian extensions are most popular due to their coarseness, low- luster and light weight textures. The coarseness of this hair makes it perfect for blending with natural African American hair. Ensuring that each bundle is collected from a single donor. Guarantees the longevity of our raw Cambodian hair by preventing any tangling and matting. This also means that the cuticles are aligned and flows in one direction. Imported directly from Cambodia. Our textures are not manipulated in any way to create uniform patterns. Each bundle remains in its natural true state and is unprocessed. As a result, colors and textures may slightly differ bundle to bundle. Because no two donor’s hair are exactly alike.

These extensions can easily be colored, straightened or curled tighter to your liking, once washed it reverts back to its natural wave pattern. Each bundle weighs between 3.2 to 3.5 oz.

Please keep in mind no one bundle will look identical due to the nature of the hair being raw unprocessed.

Each bundle weighs approximately 3.5-4oz (100 grams)
We recommend 2 or 3 bundles for length 12"-20"
For Lengths longer than 22" you may require 3 or 4 bundles depending on your desired fullness.