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About Us

Welcome to UBERPinkHAIR.COM!


Our staff has  over 15 years experience in the hair business. Our ultimate goal is to offer you the absolute finest quality 100% RAW Human Hair on the market, at an incredibly reasonable price. 

We offer a variety of styles including 100% RAW Burmese Curly, Indian Temple, and SEA textures. Each of these styles come in a range of lengths and colors to allow you to match your hair style to the right occasion, whether it is for a professional look or something more exotic for special events. 


Uber Pink Hair is unprocessed, and free of harsh chemicals or coloring. 

Each bundle of 100% RAW imported hair & handpicked, to ensure that all hairs are aligned & in tact. With proper care, our hair will maintain its natural texture, look, and luster up to one year or more!